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Making the world happier through sound

The Mirai Speaker

Wouldn’ t it be nice to for those who have hearing loss to properly hear without having to turn up the volume?
This special speaker helps people who have age related hearing loss and acquired deafness.


The speaker that makes everyday life more pleasant and clear

The Mirai Speaker is not your traditional speaker that uses a vibrating cone structure to create sound. Our speaker uses a unique curve shape to create special wave vibrations that a person can hear better. This special speaker utilizes properties similar to bone conduction which is why those with age related hearing loss can properly hear. Furthermore, this speaker has had effectiveness with those with acquired deafness from accidents, medicinal side effects, and illness. The “Miari Speaker” brings hope to those who have previously given up on the potential to hear. We want to make everyday life more pleasant so we ask that you please test the Mirai Speaker.


A speaker that everyone can enjoy together

It is now possible for people up to moderate hearing loss to effectively hear at normal volume without the need of hearing-aids. When several people are watching TV, no one has to bear the burden of the volume being either to high or too low. Everyone can enjoy the volume at permissible level. Regardless of hearing capabilities, the “Mirai Speaker” is more clear for anyone to hear. Set up is easy! Just connect the included audio cable to your TV.


PA systems can be clearly heard at hospitals

We have conducted tests with over 500 people with various causes of partial deafness. 70% of subjects said that our speaker was effective. We have found that there is some notable effectiveness with those who have hereditary deafness (deafness from birth). These are all results from our testing with the Mirai speaker.
We are currently collecting new data from a third-party research project at a medical institution where we aim to further explore the capabilities of the Mirai Speaker.

mirai speaker


Price Open price
Dimensions W142mm × H260mm × D270mm
(in) W5.6in × H10.23in × D10.62in
Weight ~3.4 kg
(Mass) ~7.5 lbs

Drive System Curved diaphragm speaker
Input 1V (Built-in amplifier Speaker)
Frequency Range 200Hz~15KHz
Power Consumption 100V, 0.5A (Japan Model)
mirai speaker


Price Open price
Dimensions W138mm × H250mm × D250mm
(in) W5.4in × H9.84in × D9.84in
Weight ~3.2 kg
(Mass) ~7.0 lbs

Drive System Curved diaphragm speaker
Input 150mV (Built-in amplifier Speaker)
Frequency Range 200Hz~15KHz
Power Consumption 100V, 0.5A (Japan Model)
CEO Sato

Greetings from our president

“Let’ s make the world happier through sound” is the simple idea which led to the startup of Soundfun Corporation in October of 2013 from Minato, Tokyo.

Our philosophy is to specialize in one-of-a-kind products that helps to improve the quality of life. We are currently helping those who have become hearing impaired to be able to hear sound again through the development of our “Mirai Speaker.” It is common belief that once one loses the full functionality of hearing that it will never return but with use of our patented speaker technology, hearing sound is once again resurrected. We want to advance this technology so that is becomes useful and helps everyone.

After creating our prototype speaker we tested about 140 individuals who have lost hearing due to age, accidents, illness and medicinal side effects. Our results showed that over 80% of individuals commented that their hearing functionality had returned. Additionally, testing through Tsukuba University Technology Dept. showed some effect on individuals that are born with deafness. They said they could hear a little more through our speakers than traditional speakers.

In other third-party experiments results were very alike. We lent our “Mirai Speaker” to a nursing facility which showed similar results. When connecting our “Mirai Speaker” to TVs, 80% of listeners said they could hear better. The staff at the facility explained that communication was much easier because patients could often hear PA announcements without their hearing aids.

Another aspect of our company is providing “Comfort Audio.” In recent years with new technological innovation, electronics such as TVs have evolved greatly in quality. On the other hand, innovation in audio has seen few changes and has been left behind.

Soundfun is eager to revive and emphasize sound quality. We would like to offer High-Resolution audio such as vacuum tube amplifiers and speakers that incorporate simple and fundamental sound at an affordable price. Hearing impaired or not, we want all people to experience the joy of great sound.

We are aiming towards a made in Japan production in the northeast with plans of providing employment to people with disabilities. Our future goal is for our earnings to be partially donated towards those who have hearing impairedness.

Soundfun will continue to research, develop, and advance products that will improve the quality of life and bring more smiles to people’ s faces. We thank you and hope for your support.

Soundfun Corporation Representative, CEO, Sato, Kazunori

About Representative Sato:

After graduating from university Sato worked at several foreign computer companies such as Sun Micro Systems, Dell, and Fuji Xerox. He became experienced in the technology, business, sales, marketing, customer service and other areas. Among his accomplishments, Sato has been awarded as top in customer service satisfaction within the Japanese computer industry.

Company Profile

Company Name SoundFun Corporation (Japan)
Capital Funds 486.70 Million Yen (Including Start-up funding)
Staff CEO Kazunori Sato
Director Nobuhiro Miyahara
Director Minoru Moriya
Director Susumu Takahashi
Director Taichi Kano
Director Kengo Maekawa
Executive officer Yoshio Sakamoto
Address 1-32-6 Cosmos Asakusabashi Sakai Building 4th Floor, Asakusabashi, Taitou-ku Tokyo, Post# 111-0053 Japan
Phone 81-(0)-3-5825-4749
Fax 81-(0)-3-5825-4794
Major Trade Banks Risona Bank, Tokyo Chuo branch.
Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Bank, Shinbashi branch.
Mizuho Bank, Ueno branch.
Kosan-Shinyo Bank, Asakusabashi branch.
Asahi-Shinyo Bank, Asakusabashi Branch.

Business Information

“Making the world happier through sound” is our mission. Soundfun Corporation is involved in helping people through developments in sound. We currently have 2 categories of featured products.

Future Speakers

  • “Mirari Speaker” - special patented speakers for people with age-related hearing loss and partial deafness

Hi-Res Audio

  • “Poco 3 Amp” a high resolution vacuum tube amplifier with bluetooth technology
  • “Poco Speaker” a high quality traditional style 2 way speaker


10/2013 Company established in Minato-ku,Tokyo with 1 million yen
12/2013 Obtained 15 million yen loan for start-up business support from Japan Finance Corporation
1/2014 Company capital increased to 5 million yen
3/2014 Applied for 12 patents (No. 20014-83167) relating to the technology of the “Mirai Speaker”
5/2014 1 million yen subsidy loan approved by Japan Chamber of Commerce andIndustry for small and medium-sized businesses
8/2014 Company capital increased to 16.55 million yen
9/2014 Small to medium-sized enterprises of manufacturing subsidizes the “Mirai Speaker” with 7 million yen
10/2014 Sales begin for the SF230BT “Poco 3” compact digital amplifier
11/2014 Patent application for mirai speaker is granted, (Pat No. 5668233)
12/2014 Company capital increased to 24.55 million yen
12/2014 Sales begin for “POCO Speaker” white piano finish 2 way speaker, model SF30H4WC
1/2015 5 new patents are applied for relating to speaker technology; the SoundFun trademark is approved (trademark registration no. 5755792)
2/2015 Soundfun applies for international patent rights through the PCT (132 countries)
3/2015 Soundfun applies patent rights in Taiwan, a non-member of the PCT
4/2015 Innovative management plan is approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for business industry support 2015, No.212
5/2015 Company capital increased to 28.75 million yen (Including company reserve funds)
5/2015 Sales begin for High Resolution Audio vacuum tube amplifier SFD225HRHB “HiRes Poco”
5/2015 Soundfun becomes a full member of the Japan Audio Society
5/2015 Collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology starts research for the technology behind the “Mirai Speaker”
7/2015 Company capital increased to 34.75 million yen (Including company reserve funds)
9/2015 Soundfun receives an award for business innovation at the 6th Annual Japan Management Attorneys Association Meeting
10/2015 Sales of the first MIRAIS-1 “Mirai Speaker” begin
11/2015 Company capital increased to 56.55 million yen (Including company reserve funds)
11/2015 The Mirai Speaker trademark is approved by administrative protest for refusal (trademark registration no. 5808787)
2/2016 Company capital increased to 106.54 million yen(Including company reserve funds)
2/2016 Soundfun applies for new actuator international patent rights through the PCT (132 countries)
2/2016 Soundfun applies for new actuator patent rights in Taiwan, a non-member of the PCT
2/2016 Company capital increased to 206.56 million yen(Including company reserve funds)
3/2016 Mirai Speaker works at Risona bank Tokyo central branch as Eye-Que system speaker
3/2016 Mr. Taichi Kano has appointed as Director of Soundfun
4/2016 Mirai Speaker works at Hiroshima bank HQ and branches as Eye-Que system speaker
4/2016 Soundfun got the highest awards of Rise Up Festa 2016 which is sponsored by Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ bank
6/2016 We have moved the office for business extension.
6/2016 Mirai speaker has adopted 97 branch 104 units for seminar speaker at Nomura security No1 security company in Japan.
8/2016 Mirai speaker has adopted JAL(Japan Air Lines) for Haneda domestic departure announcement..
10/2016 Mr. Susumu Takahashi has appointed as Director of Soundfun
10/2016 Mirai Speaker works at Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ bank HQ and other branches as Eye-Que system speaker
12/2016 Mirai Speaker works at Hiroshima bank HQ and other 40 branches as Eye-Que system speaker
1/2017 Company capital increased to 367.00 million yen(Including company reserve funds)
2/2017 Mirai Speaker works at Nihon Insurance Corporation NO1 insurance company as seminar system speaker
3/2017 Mirai Speaker works at Tokyo University as seminar speaker
6/2017 Company capital increased to 486.70 million yen(Including company reserve funds)

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